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2011 MLB All-Star Game Rosters: Michael Pineda To Replace Justin Verlander

We said Michael Pineda was ready for his shot at the 2011 MLB All-Star Game and on Sunday he got the call he's been waiting for. Pineda will replace Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander in the All-Star Game, earning the nod as a rookie. He joins Felix Hernandez and Brandon League as Seattle Mariners on the All-Star Game Roster.

The news was announced by Shannon Drayer on Twitter, and was met by jubilation from Mariners fans. It was expected, but it's still excellent to hear the young star has been given his due.

Michael Pineda gets the nod to replace Verlander in the All Star game.

All Pineda's done in his rookie campaign is put together a strong argument for the AL Rookie of the Year award while forming a one-two punch with Hernandez. Pineda has pitched like a bonafide ace, propelling the Mariners to a surprising start this season. And next week he'll take the mound in the 2011 MLB All-Star Game in what we hope is the first of many bids for the young star.

While one could consider Pineda an initial snub, Sunday's decision to add him to the roster makes up for it all. He's a deserving candidate, and was rightfully rewarded for his efforts to start the 2011 season.

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