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Harold Reynolds Exacts Revenge On Eric Byrnes With Groin Shot

You may remember watching Eric Byrnes destroy Harold Reynolds on the set of the MLB Network earlier this week. If you don't, take a moment and watch the video again. It's worth it. The Byrnes truck-stick move wasn't the end of the feud, however, and Friday we saw the next chapter in the ongoing saga. This chapter was 10 times more hilarious and took the battle to a new level.

Here's Reynolds showing how to turn a double-play. But there's a problem with this double-play with his throw is a wee bit off the mark, hitting Byrnes in an area nobody wants to hit in.


via Baseball Nation

This is comedy at its finest, folks. Since the two were on set, I have little doubt Byrnes was flying down the base-paths unprotected, without a cup. So Reynolds' payback in the form of a submarine throw to the nuts could not have felt good at all.

I never want this feud to end. It's like a junior high back-and-forth in which both sides try to one-up each other with more painful maneuvers. Someone is going to die on live TV, but we'll be laughing until the very end.