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Oakland A's Fire Bob Geren, Hire Bob Melvin, Master The Awkward Situation

The Oakland A's fired Bob Geren on Thursday morning, and announced the move to the world on Twitter (one can only hope that's how Geren found out because, as you'll see in a moment, this situation was awkward already). In the interim, a familiar name to Seattle folks -- he was hired ahead of the 2003 season, won 93 games, then was fired after the 2004 season when he lost 99 games. Still, we're not at the awkward part yet, though one could argue firing a manager two months into the season, and doing so on Twitter, is a wee bit unconventional.

Remember how we've been saying the late rounds of the MLB Draft produce some odd picks, including the offspring of staff members? Well, that's just what happened on Wednesday as the A's selected Brett Geren, son of now-fired manager Bob Geren, with the 1276th pick in the 2011 MLB Draft.

So one day after picking his son, Oakland fired Geren, creating a fun, albeit awkward, situation. We're going to guesss Geren won't be signing with the A's after the draft. After all, he's a high school senior, was drafted late and, oh yeah, his father was just fired.

Sometimes the AL West is a ball of entertainment. This is one of those times.