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2011 MLB Draft: Order, Schedule And Draft Tracker For The Final Rounds

Day three, and it's the same as the second in the 2011 MLB Draft as the beat rolls on and into the late rounds. The third day is filled with names you'll likely never hear again and faces you'll probably never see in your team's uniform as scouts flex their muscles and show-off the depth and breadth of knowledge gained during the draft prospect. Like much of the second day, the third day is about building organizational depth, finding bodies and, perhaps, finding that one-in-a-million prospect who is a true diamond in the rough.

For a look back at the first two days, including the picks and write-ups for a select few, head here.

Day three begins bright and early here on the West Coast again as the 31st round gets underway at 9 a.m. PDT. From there, the picks should come flying in at a rapid fire pace as teams start shooting names at the board. There's little debate involved in the third day, nor do teams need to make last-minute adjustments after having a prospect stolen from right underneath them. Strap in for a fast and bumpy ride.

Coverage can be found on again, though you're not going to find talking heads filling air and analyzing 43rd round picks. Instead, your best bet is to check out the draft tracker and watch as picks come through in text form. It's a fun activity, trust me. Be sure to check out the filterable list of picks, which you can use to sort players by team, round and a bevy of other categories.

The draft order is locked-in and the same as the non-compensatory rounds that occurred over the first two days. A refresher of the order for each round can be found below. The Seattle Mariners will pick second, which is pretty neat.

Pittsburgh Pirates 57-105
Seattle Mariners 61-101
Arizona Diamondbacks 65-97
Baltimore Orioles 66-96
Kansas City Royals 67-95
Washington Nationals 69-93
Cleveland Indians 69-73
Chicago Cubs 75-87
Houston Astros 76-86
Milwaukee Brewers 77-85
New York Mets 79-83
Florida Marlins 80-82
Los Angeles Dodgers 80-82
Los angeles Angels 80-82
Oakland A's 81-81
Detroit Tigers 81-81
Colorado Rockies 83-79
Toronto Blue Jays 85-77
St. Louis Cardinals 86-76
Chicago White Sox 88-74
Boston Red Sox 89-73
San Diego Padres 90-72
Texas Rangers 90-72
Cincinnati Reds 91-71
Atlanta Braves 91-71
San Francisco Giants 92-70
Minnesota Twins 94-68
New York Yankees 95-76
Tampa Bay Rays 96-66
Philadelphia Phillies 97-65

We'll be tracking the day's events and will have more on the Mariners' picks in our 2011 MLB Draft StoryStream. For a local look at what the Mariners are planning, head over to SB Nation's Lookout Landing.