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2011 MLB Draft: Start Time, Coverage And Order For Tuesday's Rounds

The 2011 MLB Draft kicks into overdrive on Tuesday after a drawn-out affair on Monday. The coverage was at a snail's pace throughout the first and sandwich rounds on Monday as analysts took their time breaking down the picks and filling air-time to milk as much coverage as possible. While it took hours to get two rounds of the Draft done on Monday, the picks will come flying in on Tuesday, with the second through 30th rounds set to take place over the course of the day. Monday is about flash while the rest of the draft is about building organization depth and, hopefully, finding that diamond in the rough.

The Mariners had a quiet day on Monday, picking only once. But Seattle had a large amount of responsibility and plenty of options with the second pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, and chose to use it on left-handed pitcher Danny Hultzen, a junior from the University of Virginia. It came as a surprise as many expected the Mariners to take Anthony Rendon or any of the other top position players available, but Jack Zduriencik and his scouting crew loved what they saw in Hultzen and pulled the trigger.

The Mariners will pick early on Tuesday, once again holding the second pick of the day. Here's the vital information for Tuesday's festivities.

Start time: It's an earlier start on Tuesday as teams have a boatload of picks to make and work to get done. Coverage begins at 9 a.m. on the West Coast with the beginning of the third round.

Coverage: Once again, MLB Network will have full coverage of the 2011 MLB Draft. The picks will be coming fast and Tuesday is less about painstaking analysis and more about getting the picks out in the open and going back to review some of the highlights. In addition to the television broadcast, will also have a live-stream and draft tracker, for those stuck at work.

Below is the order for rounds three through 50.

Pittsburgh Pirates 57-105
Seattle Mariners 61-101
Arizona Diamondbacks 65-97
Baltimore Orioles 66-96
Kansas City Royals 67-95
Washington Nationals 69-93
Cleveland Indians 69-73
Chicago Cubs 75-87
Houston Astros 76-86
Milwaukee Brewers 77-85
New York Mets 79-83
Florida Marlins 80-82
Los Angeles Dodgers 80-82
Los angeles Angels 80-82
Oakland A's 81-81
Detroit Tigers 81-81
Colorado Rockies 83-79
Toronto Blue Jays 85-77
St. Louis Cardinals 86-76
Chicago White Sox 88-74
Boston Red Sox 89-73
San Diego Padres 90-72
Texas Rangers 90-72
Cincinnati Reds 91-71
Atlanta Braves 91-71
San Francisco Giants 92-70
Minnesota Twins 94-68
New York Yankees 95-76
Tampa Bay Rays 96-66
Philadelphia Phillies 97-65

Sandwiched in-between are the following picks, of which the Mariners have one, in supplemental round three.

66 Philadelphia Phillies Compensation from Washington for signing Jayson Werth
74 Toronto Blue Jays Compensation from LA Angels for signing Scott Downs
75 Tampa Bay Rays Compensation from Oakland for signing Grant Balfour
121 Seattle Mariners Compensation for failure to signing 2010 3rd rounder Ryne Stanek.

We'll be tracking the day's events and will have more on the Mariners' pick in our 2011 MLB Draft . StoryStream. For a local look at what the Mariners are planning, head over to SB Nation's Lookout Landing.