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MLB Draft 2011: Anthony Rendon, Seattle Mariners Connected, But Health A Concern

Anthony Rendon is a super, albeit broken, prospect. To be clear, he may not be broken in the long-term, but since becoming a consensus No. 1 draft pick ahead of the 2010-11 season, Rendon has been unable to shake the concerns that come with an ankle and shoulder injury. When healthy, there may be nobody better in the 2011 MLB Draft. But the health has teams pausing and poring over medical records to glean every bit of predictive information ahead of Monday's first round.

As we continue our tour of 2011 MLB mock drafts, we head over to FanGraphs and find a familiar story. Gerrit Cole will, in all likelihood, be the No. 1 pick, leaving the Mariners with Rendon at No. 2. We know the Seattle front office has Rendon's medical records, but have no idea whether the team's concerns have been sufficiently calmed.

Seattle is known to be very interested but he could end up sliding a bit with reports of so-so medical reports that team doctors are no doubt pouring over until the very last minute. If all goes as hoped, Rendon has the chance to be a Gold Glove fielder with 20+ home run potential and a solid batting average.

ESPN's Keith Law has the Mariners taking Rendon, as well. In fact, it's hard to find projections that don't link the Mariners to Rendon with the draft just hours away. From all indications, that's how the pick will shake out when the Mariners send their choice to Bud Selig this afternoon just after 4 p.m.

We'll be tracking the projections and handing out information about the day's events in our 2011 MLB Draft StoryStream. For a local look at what the Mariners are planning, head over to SB Nation's Lookout Landing.