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Omar Vizquel On His Way To 3,000 Hits And The Hall Of Fame

Former Mariner and current White Sox infielder Omar Vizquel is only 172 hits shy of 3,000 hits. Out of the 27 (soon to be 28 after Jeter gets his hits) players with 3,000 hits, only five have gone without ever hitting more than 200 hits in a single season in their careers. Vizquel will become No. 6 if he reaches the mark. He will be in elite company: Cap Anson, Carl Yasztrzemski, Dave Winfield, Eddie Murray and Rickey Henderson. All five are Hall-of-Famers.

So what do those players all have in common? They were all considered to be elite offensively during their day and all made the Hall of Fame based on what they did with their bats.

If Omar Vizquel gets in, it will be based on his glove, but he would be able to join the 3,000 hit club with the elite hitters. No 200-hit season required. (Via: Hardball Times)

The 23-year veteran started his career with Seattle back in 1989 at the age of 22. Vizquel piled up 531 hits in five seasons as a Mariner.