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Your Dustin Ackley Fun Fact Of The Day

Dustin Ackley has made quite the impression early-on during his major league tenure with the Seattle Mariners. The growing pains have been non-existent and Ackley has jumped right into the fold, making an immediate impact as the Mariners' regular second baseman. At the plate, his approach has been nearly flawless, resulting in a consistency the lineup so desperately needed. And on Wednesday, he added a second home run to his total, taking Jonny Venters deep in the eighth inning to cut the Atlanta Braves' lead to two, 5-3.

Just how impressive was Ackley's home run off Venters? Tim Booth has the answer.

This is how sick Dustin Ackley is: that was the first extra base hit by a lefty this season off Jonny Venters.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Yes, Ackley is filthy, and he continues to show why Mariners' fans were so excited for his arrival. While he may still experience some of those growing pains, the start of his major league career has been nothing short of phenomenal.

No matter what happens with the team over the course of the rest of the season, cherish watching Ackley grow. Thus far, it's been quite the ride.