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Jim Riggleman Resigns As Washington Nationals Manager After Sweeping Seattle Mariners

Jim Riggleman just pulled-off what can only be described as dropping the mic and walking off stage by resigning as the manager of the Washington Nationals after sweeping the Seattle Mariners. The Nationals just completed a sweep of the Mariners about an hour ago on a walk-off sacrifice fly and Riggleman decided to call it quits, according to his agent. The news comes as a surprise to many -- Washington is above .500 and streaking at the moment.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Riggleman felt he was being treated unfairly and was unhappy with the Nationals refusing to pickup his contract option.

Riggleman apparently upset that option had not been picked up, upset over way he was treated by #Nationals. #MLB

Adam Kilgore added that Riggleman threatened to resign before the game and followed through.

Riggleman told Rizzo he would resign before the game if his contract situation was not resolved. So he did.

We can go ahead and assume Riggleman felt like going out on a high-note and ending his tenure at the helm after pulling off an improbable sweep of the Mariners.