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Dave Niehaus' Son Spends Fathers Day At Safeco Field, Catches Dustin Ackley Foul Ball

Dave Niehaus' son Andy is spending Fathers Day at Safeco Field in what may be the most perfect way to spend this Sunday. After all, Safeco Field was Dave's home away from home, and the place he set up shop for 81 games a year, each and every year. And while at the Seattle Mariners game, Andy received what he called a gift from dad: A Dustin Ackley foul ball. You couldn't write a better script for the day.

Here's Andy Niehaus, showing off his new souvenir along the third base line (via the Seattle Mariners Twitter account)


It's great to see Niehaus' family back at the ballpark, taking in the sport Dave loved so much. Somewhere, Mr. Niehaus is smiling down, enjoying the Mariners run this season. Andy called the ball "definitely a gift from dad" on Fathers Day as he watched the Mariners battle the Philadelphia Phillies. And what a day it is.