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AL All-Star Game Voting Results Heavy On New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are completely dominating the MLB All-Star Game voting thus far, and the mid-summer classic may look more like a mid-April game at Yankee Stadium. The entire infield is made up of Yankees, along with Curtis Granderson in the outfield and Russell Martin at catcher. Mark Texeira leads the way at first, Robinson Cano is the top vote-getter at second, Derek Jeter is your AL shortstop and Alex Rodriguez has a hold on third base. Yes, it's that bad so far, though it's still early in the voting.

It's slim-pickings for the AL, with only three teams represented among the top vote-getters. Jose Bautista represents the Toronto Blue Jays in the outfield, with Josh Hamilton and Michael Young representing the Texas Rangers. I can't imagine an All-Star Game more boring than the typical one, but this would easily take the cake.

So do something about it. Vote Justin Smoak in because he hits the ball ridiculously hard and is fun to watch. Vote Ichiro in because he's in fourth-place in the outfield right now. Hell, vote Brendan Ryan in just for funsies.

This cannot be allowed to stand. And though Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda should be selected as pitchers, we have got to break up this Yankee stranglehold.