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ANIMATED: Justin Smoak Home Run Triggers Fun Dugout Celebration

With two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning and the Seattle Mariners trailing the Baltimore Orioles by two, Justin Smoak absolutely crushed a pitch from Jeremy Guthrie. On a somewhat chilly night at Safeco Field with the roof open, Smoak hit a no-doubter to right field, plating three and giving the Mariners a one-run lead, 3-2. It was all Seattle needed as Brandon League shut the door and the Mariners came away with one of the more fun wins of the season, thanks to Smoak's heroics and impressive display of power.

And while the home run was fun to watch, the celebration it triggered in the dugout was even better. It's always entertaining to watch Felix Hernandez get excited like a little kid after a big play, and even in a game he wasn't pitching in, he jumped around like a child on Christmas morning. Oh, and he got some help from Luis Rodriguez, who had some kind of affinity for the King's hood.


Via Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing.