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Jeremy Guthrie's Night Ends With A Sad Trombone Following 3-2 Loss To Seattle Mariners

I'm sure Jeremy Guthrie is a nice guy, but no part of me feels bad for the Seattle Mariners teeing off on him in the eighth inning to secure a 3-2 win on Tuesday night. Guthrie pitched a complete game without allowing an earned run, thanks to the way the game is scored, but was still tagged with a loss after Justin Smoak took him deep with two outs in the eight. Brandon League slammed the door shut and the Mariners had escaped with an incredibly unlikely one-run win.


And then this happened (via Guthrie's Twitter account).

No hot water to left in showers at #Safeco field- #CherryOnTop #SweetFace

Well that kind of stinks, but it's also pretty funny at the same time.