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Jack Wilson ... Catcher?

I thought nothing of what seemed to be an innocuous tweet from Christian Caple of the Seattle PI ahead of Tuesday night's Seattle Mariners game. Jack Wilson took the field early and was wearing catcher's gear, which made me wonder if he was just goofing around or wanted to wrap himself in as much protective gear as possible to prevent injury. Turns out Wilson may actually be practicing to catch for real, though only in an emergency role.

MLB writer Greg Johns fills in the blanks and wonders if Wilson may have himself a new job.

New twist in #Mariners early work. Jack Wilson wearing catcher's gear, warming up with Chris Gimenez. New emergency catcher?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

In case of emergency, break Jack Wilson. I'm sure he could operate behind the dish in a limited role if both Miguel Olivo and Chris Gimenez go down, but boy would it be hilarious to watch. Wilson is a heck of an athlete, but imagining his in catcher's gear and handling the pitching staff makes me giggle.