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Safeco Field Streaker Could Face Lewd Conduct Charge For Saturday's Incident

On Saturday night, Safeco Field was hit by a wave of field invaders late in the Seattle Mariners extra-innings win over the New York Yankees. They came in droves, one after the other after the other, the third of which took it a step further and made his presence known on the field wearing nothing more than a cap and a smile.

If you'd like to relive the magic, Jon Bois, SB Nation's field invasion expert, has a full breakdown, including video, up on Baseball Nation. Take the time to give it a read. You won't be sorry.

And while streaking does seem harmless and funny, those who broke the fortified wall of security on Saturday and made it out onto the fertile grounds of Safeco Field are facing some backlash this Tuesday morning -- remember, holiday weekend means an extra few days in jail. While the punishment for the clothed invaders is still significant, it could be much worse for the naked guy.

Take it away, 710 ESPN.

"The streaker has the potential to have a lewd conduct charge added onto his criminal trespass," says Rebecca Hale with the Mariners. "That could subject him to another maximum fine of $5,000 and an additional six months or more as a jail sentence."

I had no idea streaking could turn sour so quickly, but it appears this young man is in for a tough battle.