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Adam Moore Placed On 60-Day Disabled List; Chris Gimenez Joins Seattle Mariners

After being diagnosed with a torn meniscus on Thursday, Seattle Mariners catcher Adam Moore was placed on the disabled list to free up a roster spot and allow the team to bring up another catcher. But the replacement was not Josh Bard, who many expected to be called up on Friday. Instead, the Mariners went with Chris Gimenez, a catcher and utility man from Triple-A Tacoma.

The news was reported by Geoff Baker, of the Seattle Times.

There was a wide assumption that Josh Bard would be called up, but when you think about it, Gimenez is not really considered an everyday catcher. He’s more of a utility guy who can play the outfield and infield corners.

Bringing Gimenez up allows the team flexibility, giving Eric Wedge options both at catcher and in the field. With Josh Bard, the team would only be getting a catcher, but now he’ll be able to work as the everyday man in Tacoma.

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