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Indians Attendance Makes Cleveland New Front-Runner For America's Most Miserable Sports City

When Forbes released its Most Miserable Sports Cities list, Seattle checked in at No. 1, topping the rest of America by virtue of its lack of championships. But I argued to the contrary, pointing out Cleveland is simply a terrible sports city. LeBron is gone, attendance is down for pretty much every major sports team and, c'mon, it's Cleveland.


This picture was taken in the middle of an evening game against the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday, confirming even Red Sox Nation won't venture into Cleveland (via Jeff Sullivan at Baseball Nation).




Jason Kirk is running an "every town is a bad sports town" series with a similar theme at SB Nation Atlanta. Do something unsporty, like leave a ballpark empty, and your town makes the list. It's highly recommended reading, even in its infancy. I'm sure Seattle will be making its appearance on the list in no time, but for now, let's enjoy other cities' misery.