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Jack Wilson Injury Isn't Actually A Physical Injury, Depending On Who You Believe

When Jack Wilson was pulled from the game, reporters and fans all figured he’d be injured again. Snarky jokes on Twitter were made, fans cursed their luck and we all thought Wilson’s fragile body had been broken once more. But according to Wilson himself, there was no injury, and he was pulled after committing two horrendous throwing errors, allowing three runs to come around and score.

Of course, Mariners manager Eric Wedge gave reporters conflicting information, using a hard slide that upended Wilson as the reasoning for his benching. MLB reporter Greg Johns tweeted about the dueling interviews following the game.

Eric Wedge said SS Jack Wilson was “a little hazy,” but Wilson says he was taken out because he wasn’ getting job done at 2B.

So Wilson was either hurt, which would be a concern for fans, or wasn’t getting it done, which is also a concern for the fans. It’s been an adjustment period for Wilson as he learns to play second base, but if this double play is any indication, he’s coming right along. Today was a setback, and Felix Hernandez paid for Wilson’s back-to-back mistakes. Whatever the reason, Wilson hit the showers early, but it doesn’t appear to be a long-term issue, injury or not.