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Jack Wilson Turns Amazing Double Play In Mariners-Rangers Series Opener

We all know Jack Wilson can be a wizard with the glove, but on Monday night, he showed off some serious range and athleticism while turning a double-play from his new position at second base. Wilson ranged to his right, snared a grounder up the middle right at the bag while tapping the base in one fluid motion before going airborne to throw a dart to first.

Here's the gif from Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan. Keep a close-eye on his footwork.


This is actually the reverse angle of the play. After the jump, the other angle, which is just as impressive.


The story of the offseason was Wilson's weight loss. He came into spring training 15 pounds lighter in an effort to increase his durability and, hopefully, cut down on some of the injuries that have plagued him throughout his career. Wilson's quite familiar with the disabled list, but when healthy he has range with the best of them.

There's no question this should be an easy web gem for Wilson, something we'll hopefully be seeing more of throughout the season.

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