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Miguel Olivo Hits Home Run, With Assist From Ryan Raburn

Miguel Olivo hit a perfect Miguel Olivo run on Tuesday night against the Detroit Tigers. Olivo lifted a pitch to left field which would've landed on the warning track if not for a little help from Ryan Raburn. The Tigers left fielder leaped up to make the catch -- about six feet from the wall -- only to see the ball bounce off his glove and over the fence. Cue the sad trombone.

Here is the gif of the home run, courtesy of Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan. You can find the video here, as well.


After the jump, one more angle, via Ryan Divish.


While it's not as bad as Jose Conseco's head-assist, it's still amazing. Watch as Raburn not only tips the ball over the fence, but also face-plants onto the warning track and into the fence. It's the epitome of the agony defeat.

And how did Detroit fans react to Raburn? After catching a routine Justin Smoak fly-out after the home run, Raburn received a mock cheer from the crowd for his hard work. I'm sure he'll be able to live this down. There's no way it's shown on blooper reels for the rest of his life, right?