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Felix Hernandez Baseball-Reference Page Now Sponsored By Lookout Landing

I may be biased, but Lookout Landing has one of the best communities around. It's a large, yet tight-knit, community that interacts both online and in-person. Though the community is centered around Seattle Mariners discussion, it's become a haven for intelligent discussion about pretty much every topic known to man -- be it activities to do in Seattle, vacation spots or baseball in general. And this past week, Lookout Landing rallied together behind their favorite son: Felix Hernandez.


It started with a FanShot, then migrated to a FanPost. The community had a simple goal in mind: Raise the $250 necessary to sponsor Felix's Baseball-Reference page for the year. A sponsorship comes with a blurb, and the Lookout Landing community decided to use a simple phrase that gets the point across: "Felix is ours and you can't have him." After a quick fundraiser, the goal was reached and Felix was, truly, ours.




Photo via Aaron Campeau. Job well done, as always, LL.