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Michael Pineda Shows Off Nasty Pitches In Tuesday's Win Over The Blue Jays

Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan has a gift for gifs, and used his powers to capture three of Michael Pineda's nastiest pitches from his home debut on Tuesday night. Pineda is known as a hard-thrower, but coming into the season he faced questions about his secondary pitches. All he's done over the first two games is show off a filthy repertoire of pitches, including knee-bending breaking balls and a fastball that appears to have hair on it.


Here is one of Pineda's nastiest pitches from Tuesday night. The pitch not only fooled Corey Patterson, but also fooled Miguel Olivo behind the plate, catching him in the wrong spot. Because of Olivo's odd reaction to it, Pineda got hosed, and missed out on a strike because of it.




You can find the full smattering of gifs here, at Lookout Landing. The ratings come from MLB's Nasty Factor, which just sounds like a silly name but measures how nasty a pitch is. Head over to Lookout Landing for more on the Mariners and Pineda.