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Milton Bradley Celebrates Mariners' Walk-Off Win With A High-Step

Monday night was what baseball is all about. Anything can happen and when it does, even the most disenfranchised fans have to smile. The Seattle Mariners were dead in the water, down six to the Toronto Blue Jays heading into the bottom of the eighth. An inning later, after a thrilling, 10-pitch at bat, Luis Rodriguez roped a base-hit into left-center and the Mariners completed the comeback with a walk-off win.


Walk-off celebrations are one of my favorite things in sport. The pure jubilation displayed by the players involved reminds me of little leaguers just having fun with the game. This gif, provided by Lookout Landing's Jeff Sulivan, captures the moment perfectly. Milton Bradley came flying out of the dugout, high-stepping all the way to home plate to greet his teammates.




What a way to break a demoralizing losing streak.