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Baseball Nation Debuts In Time For Opening Day

SB Nation has assembled its dream team of baseball writers and debuted its new look Major League Baseball hub just in time for opening day. We already know Rob Neyer and Jeff Sullivan, two of the finest writers in all the land, but the SB Nation baseball team has expanded, with a shiny new home at Baseball Nation. You'll find quick-hitter opinion pieces on the right side of the page, daily features and news on the left and community involvement throughout the site.


Carson Cistulli, of FanGraphs NotGraphs fame, and Jason Brannon are manning the Hot Corner, Baseball Nation's quick-hitter sidebar. Oh, and there's this strapping lad named Ken Tremendous, as well. You may remember him from Fire Joe Morgan, and his many other writing side projects.


So take a spin over to Baseball Nation for everything opening day. Bookmark it, "like" it on Facebook and check out all the great things the crew of writers are doing. And be sure to check out Sullivan's other home, Lookout Landing, for all your Mariners needs.