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Jack Wilson Comes To Seattle Mariners' Spring Training In The Best Shape Of His Life

The Seattle Mariners are trickling into Arizona on Sunday as pitchers and catchers prepare to report to Spring Training. With the beginning of Spring Training comes the process of getting acquainted, or reacquainted, with the players on the roster as reporters run through the usual gamut of preseason stories. The first question on everyone's mind, as it is every year, is which player came to Peoria in the best shape of their life. The answer is none other than oft-injured shortstop Jack Wilson this year.

Shannon Drayer sent out a tweet on Sunday afternoon that nearly made me spit up my drink.

Jack Wilson looks like a different person. Lost 12 pounds.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Larry LaRue was actually the first to drop the knowledge on the masses this morning, tweeting Wilson hit the weights and lost those pounds this winter. So within minutes of players arriving in Arizona, we already have our first "best shape" story.

I don't doubt Wilson lost weight, but I also don't care. A light-hitting, defense-first shortstop losing 12 pounds just doesn't matter to me at all. Will his foots-peed increase? Maybe. Will his injury problems go away? Perhaps. Does it matter in the scheme of things? No.

So good for Wilson. I'm glad he took it upon himself to lose 12 pounds during the offseason when players usual go into hibernation mode, storing up food and putting on weight. I look forward to a lean, mean slap-hitting machine at shortstop for the Mariners this year. But losing 12 pounds just doesn't matter, and isn't a story.

On the plus side: Baseball!