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Rob Neyer Joins SB Nation After Leaving ESPN

It's kind of a big day for SB Nation. This morning, just one day after announcing his time at ESPN had come to an end, Rob Neyer penned his first piece at SB Nation, laying out his First Principles and writing about "us" vs. "them." Neyer is one of us now, and it's an exciting time for SB Nation. He joins Jeff Sullivan on the SB Nation Major League Baseball hub, a must-read for fans of the game.

He followed that up with an excellent piece about what he learned from a blogger a few years back after being ripped for calling Michael Young the best player in the AL West. I distinctly remembered the post in question, written back when Lookout Landing was in its earlier years. The writer was none other than Sullivan -- an excellent baseball scribe in his own right.

For those that don't know, both Sullivan and Neyer live in the Northwest -- in the same city, as a matter of fact. Washington and Oregon have become a hotbed for writing talent, and the Mariners' blogosphere is a clear demonstration of that. Between Lookout LandingUSS MarinerPro Ball Northwest and many others, baseball fans in the Northwest can get their fix from some of the smartest, most thought-provoking writers around.

Be sure to check out all the work Neyer and Sullivan do over at the SB Nation MLB page. I guarantee you'll learn something new each and every day.