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Prince Fielder To Seattle? Logan Morrison Trolls Twitter With False Rumor

Prince Fielder is a hot commodity right now and is the last big-name free agent remaining on the market. The Seattle Mariners are reportedly in love with the slugging first baseman, but conflicting reports are coming in surrounding which club leads the Fielder sweepstakes.

Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison is an active tweeter and is known for his shenanigans, but he still managed to send Twitter into a flux with a few of his tweets surrounding Prince and the Mariners. Unfortunately for the M's they were quickly debunked by many (including himself, eventually), but they were still fun. We have those tweets after the page jump...

And for the response...

LoMo was talking about Prince the musician, who is supposedly touring again. Not a bad joke if it was original, but Morrison pulled something similar with Albert Pujols a few weeks ago. Still, though, it's not good to joke with hard luck Mariners fans.

It's anyone's guess where Fielder end up, but it sounds like the Mariners have as good of a chance as anyone. For more on the team and their pursuit of the All-Star, head on over to Lookout Landing.