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Seattle Mariners Offseason News: Brendan Ryan, Casper Wells Still Getting Healthy

Larry Larue of the Seattle News Tribune caught up with Seattle Mariners Brendan Ryan and Casper Wells to see how each of them was healing with their respective injuries, and had some conflicting reports for each. 

Ryan, 29, is still getting back to normal after an in-game collision with third baseman Adam Kennedy in early August. The diagnosis was a strained AC joint in his right shoulder, though his neck has been taking the brunt of the injury. He is finally gaining his normal range of motion back, though he hasn't been cleared to swing a bat yet. Ryan hopes that will change over the next few weeks:

"I watch television with a bat in my hand," he said from his Los Angels home. "I'm close. I'm a lot better than I was, but I think I expected to bounce back a lot faster than I have."

Ryan has been in physical therapy three times a wek since the end of the season, though he is yet to do any baseball related actives, even throwing. 

As for Casper Wells, the vertigo-like symptoms he was suffering from have seemed to dissipate, and should be fine once Spring Training rolls around:

"I'm fine, I'm doing some physical therapy involving my eyes, but it's not really an issue, anymore," Wells said. "One of the doctors testing my eyes said they were so good that when I was having the trouble my eyesight was still better than most people, so tests weren't picking anything up."

That sounds like a problem I would love to have. 

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