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Zduriencik: Felix Will Not Start Sunday

Seattle Mariners ace, and Cy Young candidate, Felix Hernandez will not pitch this Sunday at Safeco Field. The Mariners workhorse has been eating up innings this year, leaving the front office worried about the stress on his arm. In a lost season, there’s no reason to risk injury by making another start, Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik said.

Hernandez, ever the competitor, likely wasn’t happy with the decision. He often is unhappy with leaving games early, protesting on the mound at times.

Mariners fans will miss out on one last chance to give Felix the ovation he deserves for the incredible year he’s had. Pitching with little to no run support, Hernandez still came away with a 13-12 record while leading the league in innings pitched.

With his season complete, the focus turns to the Cy Young. If voters look past the wins, they’ll surely find a pitcher that was absolutely marvelous, despite pitching in front of an inept offense. Zduriencik took the opportunity to stump for his young pitcher, imploring voters to look beyond the wins and losses when evaluating Hernandez.

In a season full of rough patches and painful losses, Felix Hernandez was a bright spot for the Mariners. Give him the reward he deserves for his efforts: The Cy Young.

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