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Ichiro Suzuki Gets 200 Hits For 10th Year In A Row

A fifth-inning single by Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki gives him 200 hits for the year for the 10th consecutive season.

There we have it! Ichiro singles in the 5th to make it 10 consecutive years of 200+ hits. #Ichiro200less than a minute ago via web

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times notes that Ichiro's accomplishment has made a bit of Major League Baseball history.

With a line-drive single to center field in the fifth inning today, Ichiro reached 200 hits for the 10th consecutive season, tying Pete Rose for the most 200-hit seasons in major-league history.

The Mariners players stood up in the dugout and applauded Ichiro, who surpassed Ty Cobb for the most 200-hit seasons in American League history.