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Seattle Mariners Sign Erik Bedard To A One-Year, Non-Guaranteed Contract

Guess who's back from the ashes for the Seattle Mariners? After being unable to overcome a torn labrum that required surgery, twice, Erik Bedard will be back with the Seattle Mariners in 2011. The lefty ace came over in a trade with Baltimore during the famed Bill Bavasi era in exchange for Adam Jones, George Sherill, Chris Tillman and two others.

Seattle Times columnist Larry Stone tweeted the news earlier this evening.

M's sign Erik Bedard to one-year, non-guaranteed contract.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

It seems like a low-risk, high upside move for the Mariners. If Bedard is ready to go, and can pitch to his abilities, he'll be rewarded for it. If not, the contract isn't guaranteed and the Mariners can cut ties.

Stone elaborated on the move, saying the Mariners have spent two years nursing Bedard back to health are are looking to reap the benefits with a low-risk contract. At this point, the Mariners have invested enough in Bedard's shoulder, they practically own the thing.

Bedard will reportedly be ready to go for Spring Training, giving us an idea of how his body can handle the rigors of pitching again after such a long layoff. Don't expect results quickly as the Mariners will likely take their time in an effort to avoid further injury ... again.