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Dave Niehaus To Be Honored By Seattle Mariners In 2011; Statue Will Be Erected Outside Safeco Field

The Seattle Mariners plan to honor Hall of Famer, and Seattle legend, Dave Niehaus in a variety of ways during the 2011 season and beyond. All Mariners uniforms will feature a patch, meant to honor Niehaus, during the season. Additionally, Niehaus’ microphone in the broadcast booth will be retired. But the most special, and fitting, tribute to Niehaus will come in the form of a permanent memorial at Safeco Field.

During the Celebration of Life yesterday at Safeco, the team announced a statue of Niehaus will be erected in his honor outside the ballpark. Niehaus loved Safeco and was as big a part of the ballpark as anyone. He christened the field, throwing out the first pitch at the inaugural game in 1999.

Niehaus was with the franchise from the beginning, calling the first pitch of the first season in 1977. Through good times and bad, thick and thin, Niehaus was always there, rarely missing a game behind the microphone. He spent so much time at the ballpark, it was like a second home. Now, Niehaus will be watching over his team at his ballpark, permanently enshrined to keep an eye on the game and the place he loved.