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VIDEO: Metrodome Roof Collapse Brings Back Warm Memories Of The Kingdome

Sunday's game between the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings was not only postponed, but was forced to change locations after the Teflon roof covering the Metrodome collapsed under the weight of an obscene amount of snow early Sunday morning. The Fox Sports cameras were rolling as the roof came down, capturing what is surely the video of the year thus far.

They just don't make domes like they used to. You know, like our very own Kingdome (RIP). Back in 1994, just hours before a game, the Kingdome roof tiles began falling. The Mariners hit the road after the incident, unable to play at home while crews scrambled to repair the damaged tiles.

After the jump, the Metrodome collapse gives me an excuse to roll-out video of the Kingdome implosion again.

Oh, the memories. The Kingdome collapse was much more spectacular, albeit man-made. On the other hand, the display mother nature put on in Minneapolis, and the incredible snow-aided roof collapsed that resulted, is easily the leader in the clubhouse for year's best video.

The Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants head to Detroit's Ford Field tomorrow to make-up the game. Somehow, someway, Brett Favre was able to get himself an extra day of rest -- through an act of God -- in an effort to continue his consecutive games streak. Once again, don't mess with Mother Nature.