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Dave Niehaus Memorial: Andy Niehaus Remembers His Father

Andy Niehaus, son of Mariners’ broadcaster Dave Niehaus, spoke on behalf of the family, following a speech by his sister, Greta Niehaus Dunn. Niehaus remembered his father’s passion for baseball, but also his devotion to his family. Niehaus didn’t miss many broadcasts, but when he did it was usually because of family matters to attend.

Niehaus wouldn’t miss a graduation, taking time away from baseaball to watch his children’s ceremonies. Well … kind of. “Family first, baseball a very close second.” Andy Niehaus said. “During those graduations, dad could be found high in the rafters, listening to the game on his headphones. We have the pictures to prove it.”

Dave didn’t stick with Seattle because he had nowhere else to go, Andy Niehaus said. He stayed because of his love of the city and its people.

“Dad had many offers over the years from other teams from other networks for more money, more exposure, or whatever. It was never about that.” he said. “We’ve always felt that we had this huge extended family, and we are honored to share him with you.”

Dave was family to the city of Seattle and the lasting memory for those of us that had the privilege of hearing him broadcast the game of baseball will be his unmistakable voice. Andy Niehaus said it best:

“At the corner of Edgar Martinez Drive and Dave Niehaus Ave. South, you can say to your kids, your spouse, your friends, my uncle Dave worked here and I can still hear his voice.”