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Felix Hernandez, Garrett Olsen Get Ridiculous For ESPN The Magazine

Ready for the most ridiculous thing you'll see all day? Seattle Mariners' pitchers Felix Hernandez and Garrett Olsen dressed-up in a Pulp Fiction attire for an ESPN The Magazine photo shoot and we have the pictures to prove it. Hernandez and Olsen were recast as Jules and Vincent for the shoot, looking like they're ready for their new roles on-screen.

Photos courtesy of Octagon Baseball on Twitter.


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Video courtesy of ESPN.

If this whole baseball thing doesn't work out, Felix may have a career in Hollywood. Look at that focus, that motivation and, most of all, that amazing facial hair.

Kidding aside, Hernandez is in the running for the AL Cy Young award, to be announced later this week. The Mariners' ace had a fantastic year, record aside, and has been dazzling fans with his superb pitching since arriving in Seattle. Lately, he's been showing off more of his personality, something that was on full display in this Mariners commercial. That, obviously, continued in the photo shoot for ESPN.