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SB Nation Seattle Feature: Dave Niehaus Remembered, By Kirsten Schlewitz


SB Nation Seattle writer Kristen Schlewitz shared her memories of Dave Niehaus following his passing this week. From afar, Niehaus was her only link to the team, allowing her to connect with Seattle and the Mariners while times were hardest. Sitting in New Orleans, thousands of miles from home, there was Dave on the radio, providing the comfort of familiarity. She wonders what it will be like next season, when it will likely hit most fans that this is real.

That night, sitting alone in my creaking New Orleans kitchen, thousands of miles from home, I certainly didn't want a detached, dispassionate announcer. It's like when you visit your grandparents for Christmas-you expect the same ornaments on the tree, the same glazed ham on the table, the same cheesy jokes made during the photography session. As much as you might roll your eyes, if any of those pieces are missing, suddenly your holiday just doesn't feel quite right. Your cheery wool sweater is now too tight, too itchy.

Read the whole piece here, it's worth the time.