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AUDIO: Listen To Some Of Dave Niehaus' Most Famous Calls

As we remember Dave Niehaus on the day he dies, The Seattle Times has compiled some of his most famous calls. Have a listen:

Like a lot of fans of my generation, nothing will ever top his call of "The Double." I was in my freshman year at WSU, and I vividly remember sitting in my dorm room, watching Game 5 on my little TV. When Edgar Martinez laced that ball down the line, you could hear shouts from all over the floor. When Ken Griffey Jr. slid home safely, I swear you could hear the whole campus explode. Strangers were running around our floor hugging each other. You could hear shrieks of joy coming from all the different dorm complexes. It was that kind of moment.

The funny thing, of course, is that I wasn't listening to Niehaus when it happened, so I didn't hear the call live. Like most, I was watching TV. But I've heard the call so many times since, it just seems perfect in retrospect because it always transports me back to that little dorm room. 

The Mariners had been so horrible for that vast majority of my childhood, the joy in Niehaus' voice at that moment is something I'll never forget. And thanks to the miracle of digital audio, everything that made Dave great will be just a click away.