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Jay Buhner On Dave Niehaus: 'He Could Call A Sunset'

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Larry LaRue of The (Tacoma) News Tribune -- the longest-tenured Seattle Mariners beat writer -- composed a short obituary on Dave Niehaus at his Mariners Insider blog, and he caught up with former Mariner Jay Buhner, who had some kind words:

"I just drove home from the grocery store and someone called to tell me the news and I almost threw up. I haven't cried  since my mom died last year. This hurts. I lost a family member today. We all did. ...

"In the late '80s, early' 90s - some of my teams - there wasn't much of a product on the field but people tuned in to hear Dave. He'd rant and rave off the air, then ‘bam' be back on the air and be totally at peace calling the game. The booth was his home, and he made you feel every pitch, every play. He could call a sunset. It's a sad day for all of us."

I, for one, would have gladly listened to Dave Niehaus call a sunset.