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Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik, CEO Howard Lincoln Apologize For 2010 Season

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With a disastrous 2010 campaign in the rear-view mirror, Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik and CEO Howard Lincoln sent out an email blast to fans apologizing for the season and asking for patience. With attendance dwindling and fan interest at incredibly low levels, the Mariners brass felt it was necessary to beg Seattle sports fans for forgiveness.

Lincoln stressed learning from mistakes and continuing to grow as an organization.

I'm still a baseball fan and, like you, I was very disappointed with the performance of the 2010 Seattle Mariners. It was a frustrating season and, yes, we made some mistakes on and off the field. Good organizations learn from setbacks and make themselves better - that's the mindset we're taking into 2011.

Zduriencik followed by saying the organization saw some positive things this year and noted the future looked bright for the Mariners.

After the 2010 season, I'm sure a lot of you are ready to step up and tell me how to run our ballclub. And I'm always willing to listen.

But despite our poor performance at the Major League level in 2010, there are plenty of reasons to believe that our long-term plan is working. In fact, looking at the big picture, our organization actually took a step forward last year.

For the full emails, check out Larry Stone's blog at the Seattle Times.

With hopes and excitement so high coming into the season, the Mariners performance was nothing short of a catastrophe. Between the play on the field, the trouble in the dugout and the turmoil surrounding the front office, it's been a PR nightmare for the organization. A kindly-worded email was the least they could do after a season that left many fans scorn.

So I ask you, is this enough? Do you buy what Zduriencik and Lincoln are selling?