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Milton Bradley Fine With Eric Wedge Hire

We’ve chronicled the history between Milton Bradley and Eric Wedge and many wondered how they’d get along now that Wedge is the Seattle Mariners manager. The Seattle Times’ Larry Stone got word that Bradley had sent text messages to someone in the Mariners organization and appeared to be fine with having Wedge as a manager now.

Bradley, the person said, was positive about Wedge’s hiring in his text messages, and said he didn’t mind if his sentiment was made public.

In one, Bradley wrote, “Whatever took place was six or seven years ago and I’m over it.”

Bradley also wrote, "He was a disciplinarian and I felt our team lacked discipline last year. Hopefully, he instills some of that.’’

So there you have it. A kinder, gentler Bradley wants to let go of the past and is willing to embrace Wedge.