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Carl Willis Has Job Security With Eric Wedge Hire

One Seattle Mariners staff member is surely happy with the news that Eric Wedge has been tabbed to manage the M's. Current Mariners pitching coach Carl Willis, hired after Rick Adair was let-go midseason, has strong ties to Wedge. Willis was Wedge's pitching coach in Cleveland, making it almost a sure thing that he'll stay on in Seattle.

Larry Stone tweeted about the relationship shortly after the hire.

Wedge's pitching coach in Cleveland was Carl Willis, who replaced Rick Adair when he was fired w/ Don Wakamatsu on Aug. 9. Good fit.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

So that's one spot the Mariners won't have to go through the typically cycling of coaches after a new hire. Must be a good day to be Wedge and an even better day to be Willis.