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Stone: Mariners Close To A Hire, Signs Point To Eric Wedge

After Bobby Valentine was told he’s out of the running, speculation has be surfacing that the Mariners have found their man. Buster Olney tweeted, and Larry Stone confirmed, that Eric Wedge impressed the Mariners front office in his interview this week, perhaps cementing himself as the front-runner for the manager job.

So, who will they be hiring? I have been told, just as Buster Olney tweeted a little while ago, that Eric Wedge was extremely impressive in his interview. And he fits the type of manager the Mariners seem to be looking for.

Stone stresses that there’s nothing definitive yet, but Wedge is the hottest managerial candidate in baseball and the Mariners have a sense of urgency right now. If true, a hire could come sooner rather than later.