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Bobby Valentine Withdraws Name From Florida Marlins Manager Search

While the Mariners have been pursuing Bobby Valentine, the Florida Marlins also renewed their interest in the former New York Mets manager. Valentine made it clear today he had no interest in the Marlins job, making it more likely that he’s making a push for the Seattle Mariners managerial position.

MLB Trade Rumors had the report.

Bobby Valentine has once again removed his name from consideration for the Marlins managerial job, reports Tim Kurkjian of ESPN. Back in June, Valentine seemed to be on the verge of taking over as Florida skipper before talks between the two sides broke down.

The fact that Valentine removed his name from consideration could mean he has no interest in managing again or, more likely, he feels the Mariners job could be the best fit for him.

Valentine interviewed with Mariners’ GM Jack Zduriencik and is believed to be high on the Mariners’ list.