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Seahawks vs. Redskins, 2013 NFL Playoffs: Lost in injury headlines, Seattle fans excited about road win

Robert Griffin III's ankle dominated national headlines Sunday, but in Seattle, fans are energized by the Seahawks' big road win in the Wild Card round of the 2013 NFL Playoffs.

Al Bello

The biggest story following the Seattle Seahawks' road win over the Washington Redskins during Sunday's AFC Wild Card game was Robert Griffin III's ankle. The star rookie quarterback was forced to the sideline after planting and twisting his knee on the dirt-turf at FedEx Field in the fourth quarter. National headlines took to criticizing head coach Mike Shanahan, and lost in the hullabaloo was the fact that the Seahawks had just won their first road playoff game since 1983.

Seahawks fans aren't losing sight of that fact, however. Writers over at the SB Nation blog Field Gulls immediately began singing the praises of a solid win once the fourth-quarter game clock hit 0:00. According to Kenneth Arthur, the reason the Seahawks are advancing to play the Atlanta Falcons has less to do with RG3 hobbling around for most of the game and more to do with a dominant performance by Seattle on defense:

The better team won.

There, I said it. I am not saying that to troll Redskins fans, I hope they understand that. Washington has a bright future with Robert Griffin III, if he can stay healthy. But overall, Seattle is just better. The Seahawks have a better defense and that showed after the first quarter. Even if the first quarter was just Screech-in-a-beauty-pageant-not-pretty. After that, you know, the other three quarters, Seattle played the football we expected them to play.

Physical football. Defensive football. A systematic breakdown of Washington's offense. The Redskins had two drives in the first quarter and they both went for touchdowns.None of their next eight drives went for more than 24 yards. That is what I expected out of the Seahawks.

The Seahawks will look to win their fourth straight road game when they take on the Falcons at 1:00 p.m. ET on Sunday.