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Seahawks made Russell Wilson pick just in time

Looks like the Seahawks weren't the only ones interested in Russell Wilson's services last April after all.


Turns out there were quite a few individuals on the Russell Wilson bandwagon even before he blew up into a rookie sensation while leading the Seattle Seahawks to a potential wild card berth.

According to Adam Schefter, the Philadelphia Eagles reportedly intended to draft the Wisconsin quarterback 13 slots after the Seahawks snatched him up with the 12th pick in the third round. Instead, they were forced to settle for Arizona's Nick Foles with the 88th overall draft selection.

And even though the Indianapolis Colts had already drafted a potential franchise signal caller, Schefter shared that they were planning to nab Wilson with the 92nd overall selection in the third round. But it all worked out in the end for the Colts when they spent that pick on WR T.Y. Hilton who has been spectacular in his own right.

Oddly enough, the other team that spent a top-two selection on a quarterback, the Washington Redskins, also was looking at taking Wilson as a backup. Sadly, Wilson never fell to the fourth round so they decided to scoop up Kirk Cousins as a replacement.

All in all, Seahawks fans should be feeling pretty fortunate that Pete Carroll and company decided to take Wilson when they did.