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Report: Richard Sherman's argument in appeal for PED suspension remains unclear

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Richard Sherman has two arguments he is mulling over for his PED suspension appeal.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Richard Sherman has an appeal set for next Friday to overturn a four-game suspension for PEDs and according to Pro Football Talk, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback has two arguments that he hopes will get him back on the field.

Sherman's first argument is that he drank from a teammate's water bottle, which was spiked with Adderall. The NFL allows players to get an exemption to take Adderall and according to Sherman, his teammate had that exemption, which is why the water had the drug in it. But Sherman does not have the exemption and when he drank from the water bottle, he ingested the drug, which has amphetamines.

Unfortunately for Sherman, this argument probably won't hold up to appeal. The NFL makes it very clear that all players are responsible for anything that goes into their body.

Sherman's other argument is that there was a problem with the testing. Whether he thinks the sample was improperly handled or that it was a simple false positive is unclear.

This argument for would more sense for Sherman, whose only public statement thus far is that he did not take anything at all that could have triggered a position test. Even still, it is an uphill battle for the cornerback, who appears likely to have to sit for all four games of his suspension.