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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Seahawks move up to No. 13

After going on the road and knocking off the Chicago Bears, the Seattle Seahawks moved up in the latest NFL power rankings.


The Seahawks 23-17 overtime win against the Chicago Bears was a huge boost to their playoff chances, but it also helped them move up in the latest NFL power rankings.

At 7-5 and coming off an impressive win, the Seahawks moved up two spots to No. 13 in SB Nation's Week 14 power rankings. While moving up is good, the Seahawks are the lowest ranked of the four 7-5 teams. The 7-5 New York Giants are No. 8 while the 7-5 Pittsburgh Steelers are No. 10. Seattle also ranks one spot behind 7-5 Cincinnati.

Seattle is ahead of Pittsburgh in ESPN's latest power rankings, checking in at No. 12. That is a one spot improvement over last week as the Seahawks moved ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Seahawks are also No. 12 in CBS Sports' Week 14 power rankings.

While the rankings differ slightly, Russell Wilson is the focus of all three blurbs of Seattle. SB Nation said Wilson is having a "terrific" season while CBS Sports said his performance against Chicago could be a big confidence boost. The ESPN blurb mentioned the fact Wilson has the best Total QBR in the league since Week 5.

With a home game against the struggling Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks have a golden opportunity to rise even higher in the rankings next week.