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Golden Tate emerging as consistent player in third season

After two quiet seasons, Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate has fine-tuned his play to bring detail to his natural ability.


Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate has yet to live up to the hype of a second-round draft pick in 2010. But if the 2012 season has foretold his future, then Pete Carroll and company will accept the wait.

Tate has become a consistent threat for the Seahawks in his third season, and the 25 catches for 486 yards this year is already bettering the numbers from his first two seasons out of Notre Dame. Carroll told that Seattle always saw the promise and talent of the young receiver, but it's his recent attention to detail that's pushing him to new heights.

"The marvelous athleticism and the natural ability that so many of these kids have, it gets in the way sometimes of the discipline that it takes," Carroll said. "Right now we have a fantastic football player in Golden. He is creative, he's really though, he's got tremendous hand-eye coordination and sense, he's got great confidence, too."

In Tate's rookie year, he played in 11 games but only caught 21 catches for 227 yards and no scores. He improved a bit in his second season with 35 catches for 382 yards and three touchdowns. Now, he's on pace to better those two seasons combined.

And Tate is still growing this year. Twenty-two of his catches have come after Week 7. That included four of his seven touchdowns, which is tied for the team lead with top Seattle receiver Sidney Rice.