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Richard Sherman on PED report: 'This is issue will be resolved soon and the truth will come out. Not worried.'

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Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner both plan to appeal their league suspensions for performance-enhancing drugs.

Scott Boehm

According to multiple sources including Richard Sherman himself, Sherman will fight the recent claim that he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, with the rumor going around the prescription drug Adderall was to blame. A four-game suspension comes along with that positive test in most cases.

Sherman tweeted early on Monday that "this issue will be resolved soon and the truth will come out" and that he is "not worried".

According to the Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil, both Sherman and fellow Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner are facing four-game suspensions for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Both players are appealing the suspensions and can still play until that process is complete. No date for an appeal hearing has been set, according to the's Steve Wyche.

Sherman told Wyche, via text, that Adderall is "something I have never done."

Per Wyche, "Sherman added that he has not "taken anything," that would cause him to be suspended under the NFL rules for performance-enhancing drugs."

Sherman and Browner have risen up the ranks of cornerback tandems and are widely considered to be the best tandem in the game right now. ESPN's Ron Jaworski calls Sherman the best shutdown corner in the NFL.

The two corners are part of the reason why the Seahawks have the league's third-best defense against the pass, only allowing 200.7 yards per game.