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Seattle Mariners players react to Safeco Field fences move

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Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times spoke with a few of the Mariners players about the proposed Safeco Field fence realignment.

Rod Mar - Getty Images

In a somewhat surprising (but not really, in the grand scheme of things) move, the Seattle Mariners announced they were moving in the fences at Safeco Field this upcoming offseason.

The Mariners struggled to hit at home, and Safeco Field's spacious field has a reputation for gobbling up would-be home runs. Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times took to Twitter to get a couple of reactions from the players.

The biggest change is coming to the left-field power vacuum, where the fence at left/center will move in 17 feet and the left-field corner will move in four feet. The old hand-operated scoreboard will also be removed so that the fence will remain a uniform eight feet high across the outfield.

The hitters seemed to respond in a pretty predictable fashion.

Meanwhile, Jason Vargas had a rather entertaining look on the whole matter. Hopefully, a more sarcastic view -- but considering the amount of home runs he gives up, also possibly a very honest, introspective view.